October 1995; revised August 2002; revised July 2005; revised January 2012; revised May 2012. 

Most library services are free of charge, but we do ask that materials be returned or renewed on time. When our materials are returned after the due date, fines begin to accrue on a daily basis for each item at the following rates: 

Adult materials: 20 cents/day 

Juvenile materials: 20 cents/day 

All Videos/DVDs/Lucky Day Books: $1.00/day 

The maximum amount of fines collected for any item at one time is $10 per item. 

You are responsible for care of the materials you borrow. Items that are damaged will be assessed fees for repair or replacement. Lost items or items that need to be replaced will be charged a $5.00 processing fee in addition to the replacement costs. 

Patrons with fines or fees in excess of $15.00 forfeit their borrowing and computer privileges until paid. 

Please return your items promptly. An overdue notice will be sent after 21 days; a bill for replacement after 45 days. 

 Replacement Library cards cost $1.00. 

 Items returned with barcodes missing are assessed $2.00