Public Relations Policy

June 2005, revised October 2015.

The Library Director, staff members and Board of Trustees recognize the necessity of promoting good public relations to promote an understanding of the Library’s objectives and services among governing officials, civic leaders, and the general public, as well as to promote active participation in the varied services offered by the Library to people of all ages. This policy identifies opportunities for developing positive relations with the community and promoting library programs and services.

The Board further recognizes that public relations involve every person connected with the Library. The Board urges its own members and every staff member to realize that he or she represents the Library in every public contact.

Traditional Media and Promotional Materials

Staff members will be delegated the responsibility of preparing press releases and promotional materials as designated by the Library Director.

The Library will send press releases to both traditional and online media outlets, including but not limited to newspapers, radio stations and television stations. Press releases may focus on regular or special programming, library services, Board news, general library information, etc.

Press releases and promotional items should look professional, be accurate, and provide a positive reflection of the Library.

Contacts initiated by the media should be forwarded to the Director, or in the case of programming, to the staff member in charge of the program.

In the event of an emergency, official statements to the public and the media will be made by the Director, or the person in charge of the Library according to the “chain of command.”  If it is necessary for other library staff to provide the public with information in such situations, library administration will inform staff what is to be said.


Library employees may engage in further public relations through speaking to local groups, participating in local organizations, visiting classrooms and conducting tours and informational sessions at the Library. The Director is expected to make presentations and to participate in community activities to promote library services.

Social Media

Library-sponsored social media is used to: convey information about library programs and services, raise awareness about Library and community issues, obtain patron feedback, exchange ideas or insights about library trends, reach out to potential new patrons and supporters and respond to breaking news or publicity.

Only employees designated and authorized by the Library Director can post, delete, edit or otherwise modify content on Library-sponsored social media. Any such employee with authorization to add or modify social media content is required to follow these general guidelines:

  • Make sure all social media postings are accurate, without grammatical errors or factual misrepresentations.
  • Maintain privacy, confidentiality and obtain permission to use other peoples content. If you are unsure whether or not to disclose any information, refrain from posting it.
  • Find ways to engage patrons, including with the use of adding content that supports the Library’s mission.
  • Make sure all postings provide a positive reflection of the Library; all posts should be constructive and beneficial.  

All public relations and promotion activities will be approved by the Library Director or designee(s).