November 2005; revised September 2009; revised June 2010; revised May 2012

The primary purpose of the Wixom Public Library’s Meeting Room is to provide a space for Library programs and Library-related activities. The needs of the Library, the Friends of the Wixom Public Library, and the City of Wixom will take precedence over requests from outside groups.

Community groups and sponsors of educational and cultural events are welcome to use the Meeting Room subject to availability and adherence to the following rules and guidelines. All uses of the Meeting Room are subject to approval by the Library Director.

General Guidelines for Use

  • All meetings must be free and open to the public. No admission fees may be charged or donations collected.
  • No fund raising or solicitations of any kind are permitted unless sponsored by the Friends of the Wixom Public Library.
  • The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of any group or individual; Meeting Room use shall not be publicized in such a way to imply Library sponsorship.
  • Attendance is limited by the maximum room capacity of 30 people.
  • No smoking or other open flame is permitted on Library premises.
  • Refreshments are only allowed in the Meeting Room at Library functions.


  • The Meeting Room is only available during the Library’s public service hours. It must be vacated 15 minutes before closing time.
  • The Meeting Room may be reserved up to 90 days in advance, however, Library programming may displace use by an outside group. (Meeting Room Reservation Form)
  • Except for Library and Library-related programs, no group shall use the Meeting Room more than once per month unless approved by the Library Director.


  • NON-PROFIT/RESIDENTIAL GROUPS are charged $20 for each scheduled use of the Meeting Room up to four hours. Each additional hour after four hours is $5 per hour.
  • FOR-PROFIT/CORPORATE GROUPS are charged $50 for each scheduled use of the Meeting Room up to four hours. Each additional hour after four hours is $10 per hour.
  • Fees must be paid at the time the application is submitted.
  • No refunds will be given for cancellations within one week of the scheduled usage date.


  • Meeting Room usage is scheduled at the Information Desk.
  • An outside group’s first request for usage of the Meeting Room must be made at least one week in advance. Subsequent requests may be made up to the date of the meeting provided all previous usage was trouble-free and the room is available.
  • An application for usage must be completed and signed by a representative of the organization who is at least 18 years old. Reservations may be made by telephone, however, a signed application form as well as appropriate fees must be received by the Information Desk at least one week prior to the requested date.
  • Applications may be rejected or withdrawn for violation of Library policies or rules of use.
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel Meeting Room reservations without notice in the event of emergency, snow closings, or unsafe building conditions.

Responsibilities of Scheduled Groups

  • Groups are responsible for arranging chairs, tables, and other equipment to meet their own needs.
  • The exit door may not be blocked by furniture.
  • The Meeting Room must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Should there be damage to Library property following a meeting, the individual who signed the application for use will be billed for required cleaning or repairs.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny use of the Meeting Room to organizations or individuals who have abused their privileges in the past.
  • All outside material brought into the Library must be removed at the conclusion of the meeting. The Library cannot supply storage space.
  • Attendees at group meetings must comply with the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy.

Use of Projection Equipment

  • Wireless Internet access, basic cable TV access, a ceiling-mounted projector and screen are offered as a courtesy and do not affect the cost of the room reservation.
  • Computers, video playback equipment, and associated cables are the responsibility of the user and are not provided by the Library.
  • Library staff cannot always assist with equipment. Because technology evolves rapidly, users are strongly advised to make an appointment to test how outside equipment and software interacts with the projector in advance of use.
  • Groups must exchange a valid driver’s license at the Check-Out Desk if they wish to borrow the projector’s remote control. The remote is to be returned immediately following Meeting Room use.
  • Outside groups may not use the Meeting Room’s telephone jack.
  • The Library is not responsible for copyright infringement or licensing violations by projection equipment users.
  • The Library does not guarantee the availability of wireless Internet service or basic cable TV access.

Drop-In Use

  • When no Library or other functions are scheduled in the Meeting Room, members of the public may use the space for informal group meetings or quiet study for no charge.
  • Drop-in usage is subject to all other rules and guidelines stated in this policy as well as the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy.
  • The room is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • As a courtesy to others, time is limited to a maximum of two hours per drop-in group.
  • Users must sign in on the daily log posted on the door to the room.
  • The door must remain open at all times during drop-in use.

Endorsement and Liability

Meeting in the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of a group’s policies or beliefs by the Library Board of Trustees or Library staff. The Library Board of Trustees, City of Wixom or their employees are not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials or other items brought into the Library by any group or individual.