The Wixom Public Library encourages the dissemination of information through exhibits, brochures, pamphlets or posters. The material displayed should announce local civic, educational, cultural, or charitable events or be of general interest to the community. Though the Library may provide space for a display, handout, announcement or exhibit, this does not mean that the Library endorses the activity and/or information.

General Pamphlet/Brochure Guidelines

  • The Library acts as a distribution point for handout materials from non-profit groups, community groups or governmental agencies, as well as handouts prepared by the Library to promote materials and services.
  • The bulletin board is intended for posting Library-related or City of Wixom job openings, volunteer opportunities, community-wide events and cultural activities. The literature display shelving is intended to hold pamphlets and other types of brochures for services offered to the general public. The green wall racks are intended for Library-related literature only.
  • Display of any literature must be approved by Library staff prior to display. If approval was not given for display of materials, they will be discarded.
  • When space is limited, priority is given to announcements for programs and activities sponsored by Wixom groups and organizations.
  • Handouts of a commercial nature will not be accepted.
  • No outside organization or individual shall be permitted to display any materials which advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for public office, or which advocate an affirmative or negative vote on any proposition, whether political or otherwise.
  • Materials will not be returned.
  • Materials which are not date-sensitive will be displayed as long as space is available.

General Display Guidelines

There is a self-standing display case, approximately 4’ x 2’ x 2’, and a wall case approximately 4’ x 5’ 7’ x 18” available for use by non-profit organizations, community groups, governmental agencies, or individuals.

  • Space is available on a first-come, first-served reservation basis for educational, artistic, informational and cultural displays and exhibits. Reservations for the Library display cases may be made at the Information Desk.
  • The Library reserves the right to limit the display’s size, number of items, the schedule, and the frequency with which a group or organization may occupy a display case.
  • All exhibits and displays are offered to the Library on a voluntary, non-fee basis.
  • The Library assumes no liability in the event of damage, destruction or theft of a display, whether it be in a locked case or not.
  • Displays of a commercial nature will not be accepted. In the case of handiwork, an artist’s contact information may be posted, but no prices may be exhibited.
  • Displays may not promote any current or pending ballot measure or political candidates.
  • A “credit line” (i.e., a sign stating the sponsorship of the display) will be included in all non-library displays.
  • The individual or organization using the display case(s) is responsible for the set-up and removal of the display. In the event another display is scheduled and the items have not been removed, library staff will contact the individual or organization. If necessary, library staff may remove an “overdue” display.
  • Final authority for all exhibits and displays rests with the Library Director or an appointed designee(s).

Petitioning, Solicitation or Distribution of Literature

  1. The Library does not allow petitioning, solicitation, distribution of literature or leaflets, canvassing or similar types of appeals by members of the public within the facility. Failure to comply will result in suspension of library privileges.
  2. Groups or individuals who wish to petition, solicit, canvass or distribute literature to the public outside of the facility may do so as long as they do not impede access to the facility or interfere with the use of the facility.