Social Media Policy

October 2015

The Wixom Public Library has established social media sites to inform library users about programs, events, and materials, and to further the goals and mission of the Library where appropriate. In addition, social media sites may be used to raise awareness about library and community issues and obtain patron feedback.

Only library personnel designated by the library administration are entitled to post to library social media accounts. Library personnel who use the library’s social media accounts must follow the library’s customer service policy and public relations policy. Furthermore, library personnel cannot use the library’s social media account to advocate for or against any issue, position, or cause, especially but not limited to those of a political or religious nature.

Library personnel without access to the library’s social media accounts, but who are interested in adding content to them, are encouraged to submit their suggestions to the Library Director or his or her designee.

Any articles or content posted or submitted for posting by the public are subject to public disclosure. Comments and articles submitted to a Wixom Public Library Social Media site shall be moderated. The Library reserves the right to delete comments at any time, within its discretion that it deems to be offensive or inappropriate, or that violate the Library’s or the applicable social media site’s terms of usage.

Articles and comments containing any of the following forms of content shall not be allowed for posting:

  • Comments not topically related to the site or particular article being commented upon.
  • Profane language or content.
  • Content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation.
  • Sexual content or links to sexual content.
  • Solicitations of commerce and advertisements.
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity.
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party or that is in violation of state and/or federal copyright law.
  • Content that is offensive, obscene, threatening, unlawful, misleading, or discriminatory.
  • Spam, viruses, malware, or any other destructive program, script, or code.

Public comments that appear on library social media are the views of the poster and do not reflect the views of the Library. The Library is not responsible for or liable for the content of postings by third parties on any library sponsored social media site, and all postings.

In response to serious or repeated violations of this policy, library staff is authorized to take appropriate measures against the guests, according to the provisions laid out in the Library’s Code of Conduct. The applicable social media site may also take action against guests, according to the site’s terms of usage. The Library reserves the right to ban or block users who have posted in violation of this policy.

The Library retains the right to amend these terms at any time. Amended terms will be posted on the Library’s website when these changes occur.